About Us

Esoteric Politics was created in reaction to the crumbling confidence in almost all traditional/mainstream paradigms including: politics, history, economics, monetary policy, media, science, psychology and religion.  The dogma that has upheld the the western world at least since the end of the Cold War, and in many cases, much longer, is rapidly collapsing.  The acceleration of modern culture into an extremely complex form of social control has left many gasping for the truth.

Our goal is to create a media outlet for talented, original and provocative writers who interpret these difficult times through the lens of the Hermetic tradition.

We are looking for submissions that apply esoteric principles to the current state of world affairs.  Please keep word counts between 1,000 and 5,000 words.  Send all submissions to esotericpolitics@gmail.com

Esoteric Politics will accept one sponsorship per month.  Each sponsorship will include:

1. Two text links on the top of all pages, right below the header, one on each side.
2. 350*350 rectangles below the break, in all articles published during the month.
3. Text links at the end of all articles published during the month.
4. Two infoposts during the month which will inform the readers regarding the product or service being promoted, with a call to action permitted in the last paragraph.

Please write to esotericpolitics@gmail.com for pricing and more information.

Email: esotericpolitics@gmail.com